Studio Contact:
  • Kevin Dalvi
    Kevin has over 20 years of experience in leading large VFX, CGI and Animation projects for major film and tv studios in the world.
  • Matt Brown
    Matt specializes in delivering large and complex projects on-schedule, on-budget and with the best team fit for the job.
  • Rudy Nemith
    Rudy is responsible for making sure that our brilliant and world-class artists have a strong and exciting pipeline of projects to explore.
  • Jennifer Graze
    Jennifer had lead feature film and TV animation projects for some of the best studios in the world.
  • Tricia Wellsworth
    Tricia has worked on several award-winning feature films and is best known for her CGI work in several fantasy films and games.
  • Ryan Seymore
    Ryan leads our customer service team to make sure that all of our beloved customers receive the highest level of attention and care!
  • Becky Watson
    Becky has over 20 years in the VFX area and has worked on several movies for some of the largest studios in the world.
  • Timothy O’Neal
    Tim leads our innovation and advanced labs where we experiment with next generation techniques for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other platforms.